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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

While we are both psychology graduates working in the NHS, this subnetwork is for anyone aspiring to become a psychological professional who is either interested in or currently undergoing an accredited training programme, which upon completion, will enable them to qualify as one of the 12 psychological professions.

This may include:

  • Individuals in earlier stages of their careers such as school, college or university students
  • Individuals looking to change careers and become a psychological professional
  • Individuals employed in healthcare in an Assistant and Associate role under direct supervision from a practitioner of one the 12 psychological professions
  • Psychological professionals that aspire to undergo further training at either a masters or PhD level

We recognise that your career future may perhaps feel unknown during this time, particularly if volunteering placements or internships have come to an end. We hope that this subnetwork will create an opportunity for shared learning, networking and recognition of the importance of aspiring psychological professionals in shaping the future. 

If you are aware of any key stakeholders to link in with or for any other suggestions, please get in touch. Also, please contact us for more information and to receive updates from the subnetwork, including our first meeting date, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if haven't already, please also join the PPN.

Rachel Nethercott and Amy Pound

Chairs, Aspiring Psychological Professions Subnetwork 

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