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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

Psychological Professionals Into Action

24 Dec

PP's Into Actions

We are very excited to announce that the national project ‘Psychological Professions Into Action’ will be going live on 15th January 2020! For the first time, we will be joining up the 12 psychological professions across England, together with key stakeholders involved in NHS commissioned psychological healthcare, so we can shape together how we can maximise our impact for the benefit of the public. A similar project for Allied Health Professions (AHPs Into Action) has had a very positive and ongoing impact. Psychological Professions Into Action aims to bring the psychological professions into a more cohesive and connected community. Through national online conversations and physical events, this project seeks to engage and connect the psychological professions nationwide to create a refreshed understanding of each other’s roles, their collective value, and to begin to establish new ways of working as a more cohesive group, towards shared goals. This project is commissioned by the Psychological Professions Network, Kent, Surrey and Sussex on behalf of Health Education England. It will be facilitated by the crowdsourcing research company Clever Together.  

The first national online conversation will go live on 15th January 2020. You can register your interest for this project 

Look out for us on Twitter @KSSPPN #PPsIntoAction

To book  your place at the launch event (tickets are limited) on 15th January 2020, please follow this link

To find out more about this project or the Psychological Professions Network, please see

Adrian Whittington

National Lead for Psychological Professions, NHS England and Improvement and Health Education England

Alice Plummer

Clinical Programme Manager, Psychological Professions Network: Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Helen Leigh-Phippard

Expert by Experience Consultant